Couven Museum

Located in the heart of Aachen’s Old Town, Couven Museum is one of the most visited sights in the region.

The museum was founded by collector and art historian Wilhelm von Bode in 1878, who wanted to create an institution that would preserve and showcase local artefacts from different eras. The museum has grown significantly over time and now features more than 14,000 objects from various eras including prehistoric times, Middle Ages through to modern day.

One of the main attractions at Couven Museum is its vast collection of furniture dating back as far as 1750. Here visitors can admire some beautifully preserved pieces such as chairs with intricate carvings or armoires made out of rare woods like cherrywood or rosewood. There are also many examples of Rococo furniture which were popular during the 1700s; these include elaborate beds with headboards adorned with gold leafing or intricately carved tables featuring marble tops.

In addition to furniture there are also numerous works on display throughout the museum ranging from paintings, sculptures and tapestries to ceramics, glassware, and metalwork items. Visitors will find everything from Baroque silverware sets crafted by renowned silversmiths like Johann Melchior Dinglinger (1700-1763) to colourful porcelain creations made by Meissen Porcelain Manufactory (1690 – present).

Aside from its impressive collections, Couven Museum also offers a variety of educational programs such as guided tours around its galleries and workshops where participants can learn about traditional crafts like weaving or pottery making among other activities related to regional culture and heritage preservation efforts taking place across Europe today.

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