Mossy Fountain

This stunning fountain has been around since the 1600s and is considered one of Aix-en-Provence’s most iconic monuments. It is said to be one of the oldest fountains in all of France, making it an incredibly important part of local history.

The fountain was first constructed by architect Jean de Louvrière during the reign of King Louis XIV as a tribute to him. The original design featured four bronze statues representing each season, with water spilling from their hands into two large marble basins below. Over time, however, these sculptures were stolen or destroyed and replaced with other figures such as sea creatures and mermaids – earning Mossy Fountain its nickname “Fontaine aux Poissons” (Fountain with Fish).

Today, visitors can still admire this historic monument, which stands at over 20 feet tall on Place Richelme Square near Cours Mirabeau Street. Its unique blend of classic Provençal architecture combined with modern elements makes it stand out among other landmarks in Aix-en-Provence. Every summer night at 10pm sharp, you can witness a light show that illuminates both sides of the fountain for about 15 minutes – adding even more beauty to this already breathtaking site.

No trip to Aix would be complete without taking some time to explore Mossy Fountain up close and personal.

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