Palace of Justice

Built between 1650 and 1672, this grand building was designed by architect Pierre Puget as a symbol of justice and law.

The palace stands out among other buildings in Aix due to its classical style, with two distinct wings connected by an imposing central dome. The main entrance features five arches topped off with a triangular pediment supported by four columns, while the interior courtyard has three levels decorated with sculptures depicting allegories related to justice. Inside, visitors will find several courtrooms for civil and criminal proceedings, which are still used today.

One unique feature of the Palace is that it combines both French Renaissance elements such as its rusticated stone work along with Baroque influences seen in its more elaborate decorations including stuccos on the walls and ceilings. This combination makes it stand out from many other historic buildings found throughout Provence.

In addition to being a functioning courthouse, the Palace also houses many museums dedicated to history and art, including an archaeological museum which displays artefacts from Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and prehistory; an art gallery featuring works from famous painters like Rubens; as well as a library containing over 100 000 books on various topics ranging from science to literature.

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