Place d’Albertas

It’s one of the oldest parts of the city and has been a popular meeting place for centuries. The area was originally known as Place des Prêcheurs (Square of Preachers) due to its proximity to several churches, but it was renamed after Albertas de Sade in 1660.

The square itself is quite large and rectangular shaped, with plenty of trees providing shade from the hot Provençal sun. At its centre stands an impressive fountain which dates back to 1755 when it was commissioned by Louis XV during his visit to Aix-en-Provence. This fountain features four allegorical figures representing water, earth, fire, and air surrounded by cupids playing various instruments such as flutes and drums.

In addition to being a pleasant spot for locals and visitors alike, Place d’Albertas also serves as an important historical site within Aix-en-Provence. On June 24th 1815 Napoleon Bonaparte passed through here on his way back from exile on Elba Island before arriving at Paris later that day – making this one of many significant events that have taken place here over time.

Today Place d’Albertas continues to be a popular destination among tourists who come here looking for some respite from their sightseeing adventures or simply hoping to take part in some people watching while enjoying lunch or coffee at one of the nearby cafés or restaurants like Café de l’Espérance which has been serving customers since 1890. In fact, this area is so beloved by those who live there that every year they celebrate “Fête Nationale” (National Day) with music concerts taking place right in front of the fountain.

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