Bishop’s Bridge

It was originally built to connect the city of Barcelona with its port, and it remains an important link between them today. The bridge spans over two hundred meters across the River Besòs, making it one of the longest bridges in Spain.

The original Bishop’s Bridge was commissioned by King James I of Aragon in 1283 as part of his plan to improve the infrastructure around Barcelona. It took twenty years for construction to be completed, but when finished, it provided a much-needed connection between the city and its port area. Throughout its long history, this bridge has seen many changes; from being widened several times during different eras to surviving numerous floods and even being destroyed by fire at one point.

Today, visitors can still see some elements from when Bishop’s Bridge first opened up all those centuries ago – including four arches on either side which are said to represent each quarter of old Barcelona: Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic), Raval Quarter (Barri del Raval), Born Quarter (Barri del Born) and La Rambla Quarter (El Barrio de La Rambla). In addition, there are also two statues located near each archway – these were added later in 1786 as part of renovations made by Italian architect Giovanni Battista Vaccarini.

If you’re looking for something interesting to do while visiting Barcelona, then why not take a stroll along Bishop’s Bridge? Not only will you get stunning views over both sides of town, but you’ll also be able to appreciate how far this area has come since medieval times.

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