Fountain of the Iron Gate

It was built by architect Antoni Gaudí in 1882 and stands as one of his most iconic works. The fountain is made up of two stone figures, representing a man and a woman, standing atop an ornate iron gate.

The original design for the fountain was commissioned by businessman Josep Fontserè i Mestre to commemorate his marriage to Concepció Calvet de Palau. The figures on top are said to represent their likenesses, with Fontserè wearing a hat and Calvet holding an umbrella above her head.

It’s not just its unique appearance that makes this fountain so special – it also has some interesting history behind it too. When construction began on the project, Gaudí had trouble finding workers who were willing to work with him due to his unconventional designs. He eventually found help from local artisans who were experienced at working with wrought iron, but they weren’t familiar with Gaudi’s style, so he had to teach them how to create what he wanted. As such, much of the detail seen on the gate today is actually hand-crafted by these artisans – making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Today, visitors can admire this stunning piece of architecture, which has become synonymous with Barcelona’s rich culture and history.

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