Santa Cruz Church [Igreja de Santa Cruz]

Built between 1719 and 1722 by architect André Soares, this magnificent church stands as one of the most iconic landmarks in the city. Its intricate façade features ornate carvings and sculptures that are sure to leave visitors breathless.

The interior of Santa Cruz Church is just as impressive as its exterior. Inside you will find an intricately painted ceiling with gold-leaf accents, marble columns and statues depicting various religious scenes from around Europe. The altar area is composed of five gilded altars dedicated to different saints including St John the Baptist and St Francis Xavier among others. There are also several side chapels dedicated to other important figures, such as Mary Magdalene and Our Lady Of Fatima, which further add to its grandeur.

Santa Cruz Church has a rich history associated with it that dates back hundreds of years ago when it was originally built on top of an old Roman temple dedicated to Jupiter Optimus Maximus who was believed to be the highest god at that time period. Over time, this ancient site went through many renovations until eventually being converted into a Christian church during the 16th century under King Philip II’s reign, where he declared it “the House Of God” due to its significance within Christianity at that point in time.

Today Santa Cruz Church serves not only as a place for worship but also hosts numerous events throughout the year such as concerts, art exhibitions and even weddings.

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