5th of October Square

Located near the center of Cascais and just steps away from the beach, this square is steeped in history and offers plenty for visitors to explore.

The square was created in 1871 as part of an urban renewal project initiated by King Luís I. It was designed with a central fountain surrounded by gardens and trees, creating a peaceful oasis amidst bustling city life. Since then it has been renovated several times over the years but still retains its original charm.

At one end of the square stands the Monumental Fountain which was built in 1877 to commemorate King Luís’s visit to Cascais that same year. The monument features four bronze statues representing Justice, Strength, Wisdom and Prudence – all virtues admired by King Luís himself – on top of four marble pillars carved with symbols depicting Portuguese naval battles throughout history.

On another side stands what remains of an old fortification wall known as “Forte da Cruz” which dates back to 1640 when it served as protection against pirates attacking from nearby beaches along Estoril Coastline during that time period. Today only two towers remain standing at each corner but they are still worth seeing up close for their impressive architecture and views out across Cascais Bay towards Lisbon’s skyline beyond them both.

Aside from its historical significance, 5th October Square also serves as a popular gathering place for locals who come here every day for shopping or simply relaxing under shade provided by trees lining perimeter walkways around edges while children play on playground located next door (which opened recently).

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