Mercy Square

It has been an important part of Portuguese culture for centuries and is still enjoyed today by tourists and locals alike.

The square was originally built as a meeting place for fishermen, merchants, and other citizens to gather during the 15th century. Over time, it became known as “Praça da Misericórdia” or Mercy Square due to its close proximity to the Church of Our Lady of Mercy which had been constructed nearby. The church served as a symbol of hope during troubled times, and so too did this gathering space become symbolic of mercy within the city.

Today, visitors can enjoy walking through Mercy Square surrounded by stunning buildings from different eras, including Gothic-style architecture and Baroque facades that have been preserved over time. There are also several monuments scattered around the area, such as statues dedicated to King João V who ruled Portugal in 1706 and Queen Maria II who reigned between 1826-1853. Other notable monuments include those honoring famous figures like poet Luís de Camões (1524–1580) whose works helped shape Portuguese literature for generations after him.

In addition to its many historic attractions, Mercy Square also has plenty of modern amenities such as restaurants serving traditional dishes made with fresh local ingredients, cafés offering delicious pastries throughout the day, souvenir shops filled with unique items from across Portugal, banks where you can exchange currency if needed, and even art galleries showcasing some amazing pieces created by talented artists living in Cascais today.

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