Seixas Palace

Built in 1837 by Joaquim António de Seixas as a summer residence for his family, it has since been transformed into a museum dedicated to its unique past.

The palace itself stands out with its graceful neoclassical design and impressive façade. Its two-story structure is adorned with intricate stonework that gives it an air of grandeur and elegance. Inside the building are several large rooms filled with antiques from various eras throughout Portuguese history. One of the highlights is the main salon where visitors can admire ornate furniture, paintings and sculptures from different historical periods including Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassicism.

In addition to its incredible interior design elements, Seixas Palace also houses some fascinating historic artifacts related to both Portugal’s colonial past as well as its more recent independence movement during the 19th century. Most notably among these relics are several sets of armor worn by soldiers who fought against Napoleon’s invasion in 1807–1808; swords used during this same period; documents signed by King John VI when he declared Brazil independent from Portugal; and even pieces of jewelry owned by Empress Teresa Cristina—wife to Emperor Pedro II—during her stay at Seixas Palace in 1865 while on vacation in Cascais.

Aside from being able to explore all these amazing items up close inside Seixas Palace’s walls, visitors can also take advantage of one other major attraction: breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean. From any point within or outside this magnificent palace you will be able to enjoy spectacular sunsets over the sea every night without fail…it truly doesn’t get much better than that.

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