Municipal baths

One of its most iconic sites is the Municipal Baths, which have been around since 1597. These baths were originally built as part of an effort to promote public health and hygiene in the city.

The Municipal Baths are situated on Place de la Mairie, right next to Colmar’s Town Hall. The building itself is an impressive example of Renaissance architecture, with ornate stone carvings adorning the facade. It was designed by renowned French architect Jean-Baptiste Schacre and completed in 1605. Inside, visitors will find two large pools – one for men and one for women – that are heated by natural hot springs beneath them. In addition to these pools, there are also saunas and steam rooms available for use, as well as massage services provided by qualified masseurs or masseuses upon request.

The baths offer a unique experience that allows visitors to relax while taking in some local history at the same time. Not only do they provide a great opportunity for relaxation, but they also serve as a reminder of how important it was for people living centuries ago to take care of their own personal hygiene before modern sanitation systems were developed.

In addition to being able to enjoy all the amenities offered at this historic site, visitors can also explore some fascinating artefacts from ancient times, such as Roman coins found during excavations nearby or even pieces from Colmar’s old fortifications dating back hundreds of years ago.

For those looking for something more than just soaking up some culture while visiting Colmar, then why not take advantage of one or more treatments available at the Municipal Baths? From massages using essential oils extracted from plants grown locally around Colmar to body scrubs made with herbs natively found here – you can be sure your visit will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

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