The house of heads

Located in the Alsace region, this building has a long history that dates back to the 16th century. Built by an unknown architect, it was originally used as a private residence for wealthy merchants who wanted to display their wealth and influence.

The house stands out from its surroundings due to its unique design; it features three rows of windows with carved heads on each side. Each head is said to represent a different family member or ancestor, making this structure truly one-of-a-kind. The house also boasts intricate stonework and ornate wood carvings throughout its façade, adding an extra layer of beauty and charm to the building’s exterior.

Inside, visitors can explore two floors filled with period furniture and decorations from centuries past. One highlight is a large fireplace located at the centre of the main room, which still contains some original elements from when it was first built in 1572. Visitors can also admire paintings depicting scenes from local life during that time period, as well as antique clocks and other interesting artefacts scattered throughout the rooms.

Today, The House of Heads remains one of Colmar’s most popular tourist attractions—and rightly so. Its impressive architecture provides visitors with an insight into what life was like hundreds of years ago, while offering them a glimpse into how far we have come since then.

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