Pioneer Plaza

Located in the heart of downtown Dallas, Pioneer Plaza is home to an impressive sculpture depicting a cattle drive by renowned artist Robert Summers. The life-size bronze sculptures depict cowboys on horseback herding longhorn steers across the prairie, surrounded by lush greenery and native plants.

The plaza was designed to honour the spirit of Texas pioneers who settled this land more than a century ago. It also serves as a reminder of the great contributions these early settlers made to our state’s history and culture. In addition to being an important symbol for Texans, Pioneer Plaza has become an iconic landmark for visitors from all over the world who come here to experience its unique beauty and grandeur.

The centrepiece of Pioneer Plaza is “Lone Star Trail Riders” – a group of 59 life-sized bronze statues that represent men and women riding horses while driving their herd towards new pastures in search of opportunity and freedom. This awe-inspiring scene captures both the struggles endured by these brave individuals, and their courage in facing them head on with determination and strength. Surrounding this magnificent artwork are several other smaller sculptures which add even more depth to this amazing work of art, such as Native Americans hunting buffalo or wildflowers blooming at sunset amid cacti growing along the trail’s edge.

In addition to serving as one of Dallas’ most beloved attractions, Pioneer Plaza also hosts special events throughout each year including concerts, festivals, outdoor movies screenings, food trucks gatherings etc., making it one of Dallas’ premier destinations for entertainment lovers from near and far away alike.

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