The Pegasus

It stands atop the Magnolia Building and serves as a reminder to all visitors of Dallas’ unique history and culture.

Originally, The Pegasus was created by artist Frank Teich in 1934 as part of a campaign to promote Texas tourism. At the time, it was called “the Flying Red Horse” due to its bright red colour, which represented energy and progress for the Lone Star State. Since then, it has become an integral part of Dallas’ identity, with many locals referring to it simply as “The Pegasus”.

Today, The Pegasus stands at over 200 feet tall and is visible from across downtown Dallas. Its wingspan stretches nearly 100 feet wide – making it one of the largest sculptures in America. Additionally, its distinctive shape makes it easily recognizable from afar. For these reasons alone, The Pegasus remains an important symbol for both tourists and locals alike.

In addition to being a popular tourist attraction, The Pegasus also plays host to various events throughout the year, such as concerts or fireworks displays on special occasions like New Year’s Eve or July 4th celebrations. In recent years, there have even been attempts made by local businesses to light up The Pegasus during nighttime hours so that everyone can enjoy its beauty no matter what time they visit downtown Dallas.

For those looking for something more educational than just sightseeing when visiting Dallas should definitely make sure they take some time out of their day trip itinerary for exploring this historic landmark. There are plenty of tours available around town that provide information about not only The Pegasus but also other aspects of life in old-town Texas, including stories about cowboys & cattle drives; Native American tribes; early settlers; oil booms & busts; historical buildings & sites etc…

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