Alter Hafen

Located on the banks of the Rhine River, Alter Hafen is one of the oldest parts of Düsseldorf and has a rich history stretching back to medieval times.

The area was first settled by fishermen and merchants in the 12th century, when it served as a port for trading goods from all over Europe. It was also home to many craftsmen who worked with wood, stone and metal, creating unique items that were sold throughout Germany. During this time, Alter Hafen became known as “Little Venice” due to its many canals and bridges connecting different parts of town.

Today, visitors can explore some old cobblestone streets lined with charming buildings dating back hundreds of years. The main attraction is Schlossturm (Castle Tower), which was built in 1350 and once served as a watchtower for defending against enemy ships coming upriver from Cologne or downriver from Holland. Visitors can climb up to the top for spectacular views over Düsseldorf’s skyline, or take part in one of several guided tours offered around town.

The harbour itself remains active today with boats regularly docking at Alter Hafen’s wharfs; however, most visitors come here simply to take in its atmosphere and admire its architecture – especially along Konigsallee boulevard where you will find some beautiful examples of 18th-century Baroque style houses lining both sides of the street like elegant sentinels welcoming travellers into their midst.

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