Basilica of St Lambertus

Built in the 13th century, it has been an important religious site for centuries and remains a popular tourist attraction today.

The church was originally constructed as part of the city’s fortifications to protect against attacks from enemies such as France and Spain. The original building was destroyed by fire in 1288 but quickly rebuilt, with construction completed by 1293. It features two towers which were added at different times; one built between 1447-1450 and the other between 1517-1521. Its distinctive onion domes were also added during this period, making them some of the earliest examples of their kind on German soil.

Inside, visitors will find breathtaking works of art, including a polychrome altarpiece dating back to 1660 that depicts Jesus’ crucifixion along with numerous stained-glass windows depicting biblical scenes. There are also several sculptures throughout the interior which depict various saints, including Saint Lawrence, who is believed to have been martyred here in 304 AD after refusing to renounce Christianity when ordered by Emperor Diocletianus Iulius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (also known as Diocletian).

St Lambertus is home to many significant events throughout history including coronations for many members of House Wittelsbach – one of Europe’s oldest ruling families – and most recently hosted Pope John Paul II during his visit to Germany in 1987 where he celebrated mass inside its walls before more than 50,000 people outside on Marktplatz square below him.

Today visitors can explore both the exterior and interior architecture while learning about its rich past through guided tours or simply take picturesque photos around its grounds like so many others do every day.

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