Granada Cathedral

Built between 1521 and 1704, it stands as a testament to its rich history and culture. This stunning cathedral is an example of Spanish Renaissance architecture that has been carefully preserved over the centuries.

The exterior façade of Granada Cathedral features intricate details such as pointed arches, columns with Corinthian capitals, sculpted figures and ornate decorations. The interior is equally impressive, with its high domes and vaults supported by large pillars made from marble or granite. The main altar was designed by Diego de Siloé, who also worked on Seville Cathedral’s altarpiece, along with other renowned works across Spain.

Inside this majestic building lies one of the most important artworks in all of Spain – El Greco’s painting “Assumption Of Mary” which dates back to 1603-1605 when it was commissioned for this very spot inside Granada Cathedral. It showcases El Greco’s signature style characterized by elongated figures set against a starry night sky backdrop – making it truly unique among his works.

In addition to its religious significance, Granada Cathedral also serves as an architectural landmark due to its grand size compared to other cathedrals throughout Europe at that time period. Its construction took nearly two centuries using materials like stone blocks taken from nearby quarries; some even originating from Roman ruins found around Andalusia region. Its location atop a hill overlooking Alhambra Palace adds further charm to this already breathtaking structure – making it an absolute must-see destination for anyone visiting Southern Spain.

For those looking for more than just sightseeing opportunities while they visit Granada cathedral, there are plenty of activities available such as guided tours through the different chapels or attending Mass during certain times throughout the year (check ahead). There are also souvenir shops located near the entrance where you can find great gifts for friends or family back home.

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