Zitronenjette statue

Located on the corner of Hamburg’s main shopping street, Jungfernstieg, it stands as an iconic symbol of the city’s rich cultural history. The statue was created by sculptor Hans Körner in 1906 and depicts a young girl holding a basket full of lemons.

The story behind Zitronenjette is one that dates back to 1820 when a local merchant named Johann Friedrich Böttcher began selling lemons from his stall at Jungfernstieg market. He quickly gained popularity among locals for his friendly disposition and generous spirit, and eventually earned himself the nickname “Zitronenjette” (Lemon Girl). In honour of this beloved figure, Körner created an enduring tribute to her memory with his bronze sculpture depicting her carrying a basket filled with lemons.

Today, visitors can still find Zitronenjette standing proudly at her original location on Jungfernstieg near Alster Lake. She has become something of an unofficial mascot for Hamburgers, who often stop to take pictures or simply admire her beauty while passing through town. The statue also serves as an important reminder of how far the city has come over its long history – from humble beginnings as a small fishing village to becoming one of Germany’s most vibrant cities today.

Whether you are visiting Hamburg for business or pleasure, be sure not to miss out on seeing this charming piece of local history.

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