Malaga City Hall

Built between 1790 and 1805 by architect José de la Peña y Palomar, this grand building has been standing for more than two centuries and continues to be an iconic symbol of the city.

The impressive structure was designed with three floors and four towers at each corner. Its façade is made up of columns with Corinthian capitals that support a triangular pediment adorned with sculptures depicting allegories from Greek mythology. A beautifully crafted clock tower sits atop the entrance gate, adding even more character to this remarkable building. Inside, visitors can find a large assembly hall which was used for official events during the 19th century when Malaga was under Spanish rule.

In addition to its architectural beauty, Malaga City Hall also holds great historical significance as it served as a witness to many important milestones in the history of Spain, such as Ferdinand VII’s abdication in 1808 and Queen Isabella II’s proclamation as queen regent in 1843. It also housed several government offices throughout its long life, including those responsible for public health and safety regulations, until they were moved elsewhere in 1975 following major renovations on the building itself.

Today, Malaga City Hall continues to serve an essential role within the city – hosting local government meetings while still preserving its historic charm through regular maintenance work carried out by dedicated staff members who are committed to keeping this majestic landmark alive for generations to come.

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