Windmills Square

The square dates back to the 16th century, when it was built as part of a larger project to protect Marseille from sea-borne attacks. It has been an iconic landmark ever since, with its four large windmills standing guard over the harbour.

The windmills themselves are quite impressive and have been lovingly restored over time. They were originally constructed in 1599 by Jean de la Roquette, who wanted to use them for grinding grain into flour. Today they stand proudly atop their sturdy stone bases, still providing a beautiful view of the harbour below.

The area around Windmills Square is also home to some interesting historical sites, such as Fort Saint Nicolas and La Tour des Pins (the Tower of Pines). Both are worth visiting if you’re looking for something unique in terms of architecture or culture. In addition, there are several restaurants nearby that offer delicious seafood dishes – perfect for enjoying while taking in views of the magnificent windmills.

Today, Windmills Square remains one of Marseille’s most popular tourist attractions due to its stunning scenery and rich history.

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