The Durer Hare Sculpture

This bronze sculpture was crafted by renowned German artist Albrecht Dürer and has become a symbol of the city for centuries.

The story behind the sculpture begins in 1520 when Dürer was commissioned by the city council to create a memorial piece that would be placed at Nuremberg’s main square, Hauptmarkt. His idea was to depict a hare – an animal that symbolized fertility and abundance in medieval times – as it seemed fitting for such an important occasion. After much deliberation and hard work, he finally finished his masterpiece, which stands proudly today at Hauptmarkt Square.

The sculpture itself depicts a large hare with its ears erect and eyes wide open as if it were ready to jump away any second. It’s believed that this particular pose represents the agility and speed of rabbits during hunting season; something which would have been familiar to people living in Nuremberg back then. Additionally, there are two small figures on either side of the hare: one holding a bow while another holds arrows – further emphasizing its symbolic meaning as an animal hunted for sport or food purposes during those times.

This beautiful artwork has become so embedded into Nuremberg’s culture over time that it now serves as one of its main tourist attractions, with visitors flocking from near-and-far just to get up close and personal with this unique piece of history.

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