Bucksturm tower

Built in the 13th century, it was once part of a larger castle complex and served as a watchtower to protect the city from invaders. Today, visitors can climb up to its top for spectacular views of Osnabrück and beyond.

The Bucksturm Tower has an interesting history that dates back centuries ago. It was originally built by Count Henry III of Hoya as part of his castle complex on the site where Osnabrück now stands. The tower stood guard over one of two entrances into town and was used by guards to keep watch over those coming and going from the city.

Over time, parts of the castle were destroyed or fell into disrepair, but luckily, Bucksturm Tower survived intact until today when it stands proudly at 35 meters high with four floors inside. Visitors who make their way up to its summit are rewarded with stunning views across Osnabrück’s rooftops towards nearby countryside landscapes such as Teutoburg Forest National Park or Wiehengebirge Hills Nature Reserve – both within easy reach from here.

Inside you will find relics such as cannons which have been preserved since they were first brought here during World War II when German troops occupied this region for several years before retreating in 1945 after Allied forces had taken control again. There is also an exhibition room containing artefacts found around Osnabrück, including pottery shards dating back thousands of years ago, providing insight into life long before modern times.

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