Pernickelturm and Pernickelmühle

It has a rich history and culture, with many interesting attractions to explore. Two of the most popular sites in Osnabrück are the Pernickelturm and the Pernickelmühle.

The Pernickelturm (also known as “Peter’s Tower”) is an impressive medieval tower located near St Peter’s Church in Osnabrück. The tower was built around 1230 by Bishop Albert I of Bremen-Verden, and it served as part of the fortifications surrounding the city during that time period. Today, visitors can climb up to the top of this historic structure for stunning views over Osnabrück and its surroundings.

The second site worth visiting while you are in town is the Pernickelmühle (or “Peter Mill”). This mill was first mentioned back in 1341 when it was owned by Count Dietrich von Oldenburg who used it to grind grain for his castle kitchen staffs needs. Later on, it became a paper mill before eventually being turned into an electricity plant at some point during World War II. Today, visitors can take guided tours through this historic building which showcases various artefacts from its past uses such as old machinery pieces and tools from different eras throughout its existence.

If you’re looking for something unique to do while visiting Osnabrück, then be sure to check out these two amazing sites: The Pernickelturm and The Pernickelmuhle.

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