Hôtel de Sens

It stands as a symbol of French history and culture, with its rich architecture and stunning views of the Seine River. Built in 1475 by King Louis XI, it was originally intended to house foreign dignitaries visiting Paris. Over time, it has become a popular destination for tourists looking to experience the beauty and culture of this historic city.

The building itself is composed of two distinct sections: one that dates back to the 15th century and another built in 1720 by architect Jean Aubertin during a major renovation project commissioned by Cardinal Richelieu. This latter section includes distinctive features such as gothic windows, high ceilings decorated with frescoes depicting mythological scenes from Greek mythology, and stone sculptures adorning the façade. The interior also contains several impressive pieces, including tapestries created for King Francis I in 1525 and antique furniture from Italy’s Medici family dating back centuries ago.

Today Hôtel de Sens serves as a luxurious boutique hotel offering guests comfortable accommodations within walking distance from some of Paris’ most famous attractions such as Notre Dame Cathedral or Louvre Museum. Its rooms are all individually decorated with unique antiques while providing modern amenities like flat-screen TVs or complimentary Wi-Fi access throughout the property, ensuring guests have everything they need for their stay here in Paris. Additionally, there is also an on-site restaurant serving up traditional French cuisine prepared using fresh ingredients sourced directly from local markets around town, making sure visitors get to enjoy authentic flavours during their visit here at Hôtel de Sens.

Whether you’re planning your next holiday or simply want to explore some historical sites while staying close to home, then look no further than Hôtel de Sens.

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