Hôtel de ville

Located on the Right Bank of the Seine River, this iconic building has served as a symbol for Parisians for centuries.

Originally built as an administrative center for King Charles V, Hôtel de Ville was designed by architect Jacques Lemercier and completed under King Louis XIV’s rule in 1628. The façade features two large towers that are decorated with sculptures depicting important figures from French history, such as Joan of Arc and Napoleon Bonaparte. Inside, there are many grand halls filled with artwork, including frescoes painted by famous artists like Eugène Delacroix and Pierre Puvis de Chavannes.

Visitors can explore some parts of Hôtel de Ville, including certain public rooms like Salle des Fêtes where official receptions take place or Salle Saint-Jean, which contains a library full of historical documents about France’s past rulers. In addition to these areas, visitors can also view a permanent exhibition about the history of Paris located inside one wing called La Galerie du Temps (Gallery Of Time). This exhibit includes interactive displays featuring various aspects from the city’s past such as artworks, photographs, maps and more.

Throughout its long life, Hôtel de Ville has seen significant events unfold within its walls, ranging from royal weddings to revolutions to Nazi occupation during World War II; however, it still stands today proudly overlooking Place de l’Hôtel-de-Ville square—a popular spot among both locals and tourists alike.

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