Le passe-muraille

One such attraction is the unique Pass-Muraille (“The Walker Through Walls”) in Paris. This sculpture was created by French artist Francois Debulois in 1848 as part of a public art project commissioned by the City of Paris. The statue depicts a man walking through an archway, symbolizing freedom from oppression.

The Pass-Muraille has become one of the most beloved monuments in all of Paris, standing at over 20 feet tall near place de la Bastille in the 11th arrondissement. Many visitors come to take pictures or just admire its beauty and symbolism. It is also popular amongst locals for its representation of perseverance and resilience during difficult times – something that resonates deeply with many people living in France today.

Pass-Muraille was originally made out of bronze, but it has since been replaced by a replica due to damage caused by pollution over time. Despite this change, it still stands as an important reminder for those who visit about the struggles faced throughout history – both within France itself and abroad – while also representing hope for brighter days ahead despite any adversity one may face along their journey through life.

This monument serves as an excellent starting point if you are looking to explore more than just tourist attractions when visiting Paris; take some time to learn about its history, so you can appreciate what makes it such an iconic landmark not only within Paris but around the world too.

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