Place de la Bastille

It has been the site of many historic events over the centuries and continues to be an important part of Parisian culture today.

The area was originally built as a fortress by King Charles V in 1370, but it wasn’t until 1660 that Place de la Bastille became known as a political symbol. In 1789, during the French Revolution, crowds gathered outside the prison demanding its destruction and release of those held captive inside. The storming of this prison marked the beginning of the revolution and is seen as one of the most iconic moments in French history.

Today, Place de la Bastille remains an important landmark for locals and tourists alike. On summer days you can find people lounging around on blankets or enjoying outdoor concerts at night; while on other days there are demonstrations taking place from various groups who want their voices heard across Paris. There are also several restaurants and cafés located nearby, so visitors can enjoy some delicious food after exploring this historical spot.

The centrepiece of Place de la Bastille is La Colonne de Juillet (July Column), which pays tribute to those killed during July 1830 when protesters attempted to overthrow King Charles X’s rule – although they were unsuccessful in doing so, their bravery has never been forgotten since then. Nearby stands another monument dedicated to General Jean-Baptiste Jourdan who led troops against Austria during his time as commander-in-chief between 1793–1795; he was ultimately victorious and helped create modern day France we know today.

No visit to Paris would be complete without stopping at Place de la Bastille – it’s not only historically significant, but also offers plenty for visitors to see and do all year round.

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