Castle Garden

Located on the edge of the city, it has been a popular attraction for centuries and continues to be today.

The Castle Garden was first built in 1250 as part of Rothenburg’s defensive fortifications. Its walls were originally made from sandstone blocks, which were later replaced with red brickwork during renovations in 1620. The garden itself is surrounded by two concentric rings of walls that are connected by five towers, including a central tower known as ‘Der Grosse Turm’ or ‘The Great Tower’. This tower stands at an impressive 65 meters tall, making it one of the tallest structures in all of Rothenburg.

Today, visitors can explore this historic site and take in its stunning views over the old city centre and surrounding countryside. Inside you will find lush gardens filled with flowers, trees, and bushes along with some interesting historical artefacts such as cannons from various wars throughout history that have been placed around the grounds. There is also a small museum located inside where visitors can learn more about Rothenburg’s past through displays featuring artefacts from different eras, including coins dating back to Medieval times when Rothenburg was founded.

In addition to its rich history, Castle Garden offers plenty for those looking for something fun or romantic to do while visiting Rothenburg. Many couples enjoy taking wedding photos here due to its beauty and significance, while others come just to relax under one of many shady trees or stroll among vibrant flower beds before heading off into town again. Visitors can even bring their own picnic lunch if they wish – there are several benches scattered throughout the garden, so you can sit down and admire your surroundings while enjoying your meal.

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