Klingentorbastei (Klingen Gate Bastion)

Located on the edge of the old city walls, this historic structure dates back to the 13th century, when it was first constructed as a defensive bastion for protecting against potential attackers. The gate is made up of two towers connected by an archway that stands at nearly 25 feet tall and has become a symbol of Rothenburg’s history and culture.

The original purpose of Klingentorbastei was to protect Rothenburg from enemies during wartime. It served as a military outpost, with soldiers stationed at all hours ready to guard against any intruders who may have tried to breach its walls. However, after centuries of peace and no need for such protection anymore, today it serves more as a tourist attraction than anything else. Visitors can climb up into the tower’s observation deck, where they can get stunning views out over the city below or take pictures with their friends standing beneath its imposing archway entrance.

Klingentorbastei also plays host to some interesting events throughout the year that attract both locals and tourists alike. One popular event held here each summer is called “Night Watchman Tours” which sees visitors taken around town by night watchmen dressed in traditional garb while they share stories about local legends and folklore from days gone by – an experience not easily forgotten. Additionally, there are often concerts held here too during special occasions such as Christmas markets or Oktoberfest celebrations, where visitors can enjoy music played live under its arches while enjoying drinks from nearby vendors.

No matter what time you visit Klingentorbastei, you will be sure to find something fascinating going on either inside or outside its gates – making it one stop along your journey through Rothenberg that should not be missed.

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