Stadtkirche St. Jakob (St. James Church)

Jakob, or St. James Church in English, is a stunning and historic landmark located in the beautiful city of Rothenburg, Germany. Constructed in the late 13th century, this church has served as a spiritual centre for the people of Rothenburg since its inception. It stands today as one of the most impressive examples of Gothic architecture from that era still standing anywhere in Europe.

The history behind Stadtkirche St. Jakob is quite remarkable; it was originally built by local craftsmen between 1270 and 1280 on land donated to them by Count Konrad von Abenberg-Rothenburg. The original structure featured two towers, but only one remains today after an earthquake destroyed part of the building during 1515–16 – what we see now is largely a result of extensive renovations which took place over many centuries following this event.

Today, visitors will find much to admire about Stadtkirche St. Jakob – aside from its impressive size and stature (it’s said to be one of Germany’s largest churches), there are also some fascinating features inside worth exploring too, such as its ornate altarpiece painted with scenes from Christ’s life dating back to 1480 AD. Other highlights include several stained-glass windows depicting biblical stories like ‘The Annunciation’ and ‘The Crucifixion’ among others – all beautifully crafted works that have stood up against time remarkably well considering their age.

A visit to Rothenburg would not be complete without taking some time out at this incredible site; it serves as both a reminder for how far we have come since medieval times yet also provides us with an insight into what life must have been like then too thanks to its preserved interior décor which includes statues, frescoes and other artwork from various periods throughout history.

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