Gutenberg square

It’s an enchanting place full of history, culture, and beautiful architecture. One of its most iconic landmarks is Gutenberg Square (Place Gutenberg), which has been a popular meeting point for locals and visitors alike since it was first established in 1612.

The square takes its name from Johannes Gutenberg, who was born nearby in Mainz, Germany in 1450. He is best known as the inventor of modern printing with movable type – a revolutionary technology that changed the world forever by allowing books to be mass-produced cheaply and quickly. The statue at the centre of Place Gutenberg depicts him holding a printing press while surrounded by four figures representing Printing, Writing, Language Arts, and Poetry – all important elements associated with his legacy.

On one side of Place Gutenberg lies Strasbourg Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg), which dates back to 1015 AD but underwent significant renovations over hundreds of years, including Baroque additions during the 17th century. On another side stands Maison Kammerzell (Kammerzell House), one of Strasbourg’s oldest half-timbered houses built around 1427 AD with ornate Renaissance carvings on its façade depicting biblical scenes such as Adam & Eve or Noah’s Ark. Today it serves as an upscale restaurant where you can enjoy traditional French cuisine while admiring these historic works of art up close.

At nightfall, Place Gutenberg comes alive with lights twinkling across its cobblestone streets lined by cafés offering al fresco dining under starry skies – perfect for romantic strolls or just relaxing after a day exploring this vibrant city.

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