Sedassos Square

Located just outside the city’s ancient walls, it was once part of an important Roman forum and served as a public square for citizens to gather and transact business. Today, Sedassos Square remains one of Tarragona’s most popular tourist attractions due to its rich history and stunning architecture.

The name “Sedassos” comes from the Latin phrase “sedes assus” which translates roughly into ‘seat or place where justice is administered’. This indicates that this area was likely used by local authorities for legal matters during its time as a Roman settlement. The square itself features several archaeological ruins, including two large stone structures known as ‘capitellums’ which were constructed in the first century AD. These capitellums are thought to have been used as altars or temples dedicated to various gods and goddesses at different points in time throughout antiquity.

In addition, Sedassos Square also boasts some impressive examples of Romanesque architecture, such as the Church of Santa Maria del Miracle located near its centre. Built in 1150 AD, this church has stood through centuries of wars and natural disasters with little damage done to its original structure; making it one of Tarragona’s oldest surviving buildings today.

Visitors can explore these ruins up close on guided tours offered by local companies, or simply take their time wandering around on their own while admiring all that Sedassos Square has to offer. In recent years, there have been several restoration projects aimed at preserving this historical landmark for future generations; ensuring visitors will be able to enjoy it much like they did hundreds upon thousands of years ago.

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