Fan Tan Alley

Located in the heart of downtown Victoria, this narrow alleyway is a must-see destination for any traveler.

Fan Tan Alley was built during the Victorian era in 1892 as part of Chinatown’s expansion. It served as an area where Chinese immigrants could set up shop and sell their goods. The alley got its name from the game fan tan which was popular among Chinese immigrants at that time – it was said that gambling took place here too.

Today, Fan Tan Alley remains one of the oldest streets in Canada with many original buildings still standing today. Despite being just 4 feet wide at its narrowest point (making it one of Canada’s skinniest streets.), it has become home to a variety of shops selling everything from vintage clothing to handmade jewelry and artworks by local artists. There are also several restaurants located within Fan Tan Alley serving up authentic Asian cuisine such as dim sum and noodles dishes – perfect for anyone wanting to get a taste of traditional Chinese culture while they explore this iconic street.

The atmosphere on Fan Tan Alley is like no other; visitors can find themselves surrounded by bright murals depicting scenes from China’s past while exploring all sorts of trinkets stores tucked away down this tiny lane way. Whether you want to take some photos or simply soak up some history, there’s something for everyone on this unique street.

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