Gate of Harmonious Interest

It was built to commemorate a treaty signed between the British and Chinese governments in 1860. The gate stands as an important reminder of the relationship between two cultures and how they worked together to promote peace and understanding.

The Gate of Harmonious Interest was designed by architect Charles Waddington who had previously designed many other landmarks throughout Victoria. He chose to use traditional Chinese architecture for his design which features four tall pillars connected by a curved archway with intricate carvings on it. The gate also includes two large statues representing Confucius and Lao Tzu – two influential figures from ancient Chinese philosophy – standing at either side of the entranceway.

In addition to its beautiful design, this historic site has become well known for its symbolism too; it’s often seen as a symbol of unity between different cultures and nations due to its representation of both British and Chinese influences. It’s believed that when visitors pass through the gateway they are reminded that harmony can be achieved even when different opinions exist or conflicts arise; something which is still relevant today given current global events taking place around us all right now.

Today, this iconic structure is one of Victoria’s most popular tourist attractions with thousands visiting each year just to take pictures or simply admire its beauty up close. In recent years there have been various initiatives taken in order to protect this piece of history including restoring some parts that were damaged over time due to weathering effects from rain or sun exposure etc., making sure that future generations can continue enjoying it for years ahead.

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